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Milaad  Mubaraka  1430    
Fakhr of Nabi (SA)
Fakhr Ubudiyat
Fakhr in ubudiy’at

Fakhr in ubudiy’at

The genesis of this most noblest of ‘ husn ul khulq’, an integral part of our Deen and the emancipation of our souls, is reflected in all its glory, in the life of Moulana Ali (SA)

He was fakhr in ubudiy’at personified, he set an example to be followed by the never ending chain of Imams (SA) Doat Mutlaqeen and Awalia ul Kiram, who by example have tried to inculcate this virtue in mumineen through out the ages, for their emancipation.

Ubudiy’at is the surest way and as Syedi Sadikali Saheb has said :

‘ Sadiqali ehva Moula na ni ubudiyat, ma humami che
paar hayua thava khatir ehni haqiqi gulami che ‘
(humami refers to becoming leaders of men – kingship)

Before proceeding further, I would like to share my views, specially with my young friends , who may be wondering at the paradoxes. Yes indeed – fakhr in ubudiy’at and ‘gulami ma humami’ are paradoxes.

A paradox is a seemingly contradictory statement, that is none the less true. Like most paradoxes in life, ubudiyaat ma fakhr and humami have to be experienced, as it is born out of true love, it is more a ‘soul thing’ than a ‘mind thing’

First and fore most you have to connect with your Moula. Only those who are capable to experiencing unselfish love, pure love, love that does not seek, but only gives - a soul in perpetual ‘shukr’ will find joy, peace and salvation in ‘ubudiy’at

Those attached to the material world, will find it difficult to understand. Only when the material gross is removed, will the radiance of ubudiy’at, enrich their lives, and a true understanding will dawn.

So first is the connection with Moula, and thereafter unbound love for him, are the first steps. Once that spiritual bond is established, things will become real easy, and ubudiy’at will radiate through and through in all actions. Even though ‘humami’ is not the seekers goal, may be himself, in his own life time, or his progeny will surely be rewarded. Our glorious Fatemi history is resplendent with this fact, and I hope to narrate, a few in this very post.

The personality of Moula Ali (SA) inspires awe and reverence even in a small child, whose knowledge is limited. His bravery in Badr, Ohad, Khandaq, Khyber and all military expeditions, is well known. His knowledge of all that his contained in this World and Akherat are also ashkaar. I will just touching on the points, as every one is well aware of the riwaya’ts.

He proclaimed : ‘haza Kitabullah il sa’mit, wa ana Kitabullah il – natiq’ Before I depart from this world, ask me of any thing that is contained in this World and Akherat.

In both I’lm and A’mal he was a zenith, a lighthouse that showed the way and dispelled darkness. Now I will narrate just one incident from his glorious life, on the subject of ubudiy’at.

Once when Muhammad (SA) accompanied by his ashaab were traveling, the sandals of Nabi (SA) broke and needed immediate mending. It was Moulana Ali (SA) who immediately sought raza to mend it.

As Nabi (SA) sat down with his ashaab, Moulana Ali walked a little distance and sat down to mend the sandals. Nabi (SA) saw a fit opportunity to proclaim the exalted position of Moulana Ali (SA) and said : ‘tamara logo ma kitnak ehva che je ta’wil par jang karsejim mein tanzil par kidhi.

Barely he finished uttering these profound words, that Haughty No 1 got up, and said - ‘a’na ya Rasulallah ?’ Aqa Moula ek bayan ma farmayu ke - ‘a’ne jhallo ghano !’ He went back to his place and Hughty No 2 got up, to ask the same question, to be given the same reply, and he was followed by Hughty No: 3 who was also, shown his place.

Moulana Ali (SA) the veteran of many hard fought battles, the Kauser of I’lm e ladduni, was far removed, engrossed in mending the sandals of his Moula (here just juxtapose your individual achievements and your ubudiya’t with that of Moulana Ali (SA) and you will understand the real greatness of Moula ali (SA) and his ubudiyaat – to feel inadequate and so very small, like a sand speck is one of the first steps)

Nabi (SA) proclaimed pointing in the direction of Moulana Ali (SA) – ‘ wala kinnahu khase-ul naal’ It he who is mending my sandals !!!

I will now narrate just a few, there are innumerable in the glorious annals of our Fatemi History, but just a few, on how, the ubudiyaat exemplified in the life and actions of Moulana Ali (SA) was reflected in the lives of Doatul Mutlaqeen and Awaliya kiram sahebs. I will just be making references, as the point is to prove the paradoxes, under discussion, and the truth contained therein.

Syedna Ali bin Mohammad bin Valid ( A.Q) He is the descendent of Walid bin Ukaba in the shade of the walls of whose orchard Muhammad (SA) had taken shelter from persecution at Taif. Walid sent his slave Ardas ( a Christian) with a loom of 18 grapes, which quenched the thirst of Nabi (SA) who felt refreshed and prayed for Walid.

The descendents of Walid bin Ukaba served Fatemi Imams with diligence and 18 Doat Mutlaqeen are from his nasl and Syedna Ali is the first amongst them.

The tawazo and ubudiya’t of Syedna Ali for his Moula Syedna Hatim Mohiyuddin (AQ) is a glowing example. Syedna Ali was entrusted with imparting sabaks to Syedna Ali bin Syedna Hatim Moula (AQ) and when he came to know that Syedna Hatim (AQ) had intentions to confer nas on him, he did arz to Syedna Hatim, saying ‘ Moula aapna farzand ilm ma ane tamam fazl ma tayyar thai chukka chhe, mara paas je hatu ye saglu aapi chuko chu, magar ek fazal ehma zyada ye chhe key eh aapna farzand chhe.

On hearing this arz of ikhlas and ubudiy’at Moulana Hatim (AQ) said – “ Ali bin Mohammad malaaekat karta bhi wadhi gaya’. Such was the gulami, that resulted in ‘humami’ that not only Syedna Ali, but in his nasl another 17 Doat Mutlaqueen became the Spiritual Leaders, who guided the mumineens of many generations, on the path of salvation and emancipation.

Another star that shines bright in the heavens of ubudiya’t is Moulaya Adam – Vali ul Hind. He exemplified by personal example that, the real status is achieved by submitting to the Will of his Moula. The directive issued by Syedna Idris (AQ) from Yemen to pray behind the sakka (water carrier) was carried to the letter, in true spirit and without hesitation or doubt. His progeny and the za’ereens who flock to his Roza mubarak seeking their wishes, and finding fulfillment of their desires, is his ‘humami’

Syedi Najamkhan saheb son of Syedna Firkhan Shujauddin (AQ) is another glowing star adding radiance and showing direction to the seekers, in the path of spirituality.

When Syedna Ismail Badruddin (mohta bawaji saheb) (AQ) took away the rutba of Izn (mazoon) his ubudiya’t glowed in all radiance. When mischief mongers, seeing an opportunity, approached him to sway him to their camp, he repulsed them saying ‘ Izn (mazoon) no rutbo mara Moula ye aapo hato yeh pacho lai lidho, to’ yeh mara Moula no haq cheh, magar mara Moula nu ehsan cheh ke mane mumin baki rakhane ! Agar aap farmavi de ke tame mumin nahin, to mein kahan ja’v ?

The light radiating from this noble act has saved many from falling into the trap. During our life journey, living in a society, many difficult situations do arise, at times, but recounting and recollecting these noble acts, have saved many a souls from perdition.

While gazing up at the heaven of ubudiy’at another star light shines bright and beautiful – that of Moulaya Khanji fir Saheb (Udaipur). His cleaning of the foul smelling rubbish, from the place near where Dai gave ‘sabaks’ – when asked by Moula, as to the cleaning - the barb by one who said ‘ aa Udaipur thi avela chokra yeh kachro sa’f kari didho cheh’ to which Moula replied – ‘ aa khanji fir ni shaan ghani baland tha naar cheh !!’.

Friends, ubudiya’t really reflects in small acts. When others are thinking that it is not worth it, or it is below one’s status or dignity, you will surely come out a winner, if you think it right. You will only be able to do it, if you have unbound love for your Moula, this is for sure.

Syedna Abdo ali Saifuddin saheb’s nashihat ‘kikabhai jaldi parho’ to his son Syedna Mohammad Badruddin saheb (AQ) is a glowing star in the heaven of ubudiya’t.

‘mara bawaji Zaki
jai Ujjain zhuki
lidhi shaan malaki’

‘gagar ma sagar’ goes a saying in Gujrati, and how very true for the above simple yet profound words. The potentiality of becoming a ‘malak’ the ultimate goal of every mumin, is engrained in each individual, but by ubudiya’t, that potentiality can be transformed into actuality. This is the message conveyed beautifully in simple words.

The heaven of ‘ubudiy’at is full of such glowing stars, but my gaze, my knowledge is limited, I fervently hope and pray that some more learned then me, will share his knowledge and insight on the subject, for the benefit of my young friends, in near future.

However. who can ever miss the dazzle of the glowing galaxy of magnificent and resplendent stars – the Doat –us – satr, and the most resplendent, the most breath taking and brightest amongst them, – our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS).

Doat us satr , during the long illustrious history of more than 900 years, have taken pride in calling themselves, as ‘ Mamluk – e – A’le Muhammad’ without exception, although we know that Imam uz Zaman (SA) have vested in them all the powers, given them the position of ‘karamat’ for which, we hold them in awe and reverence.

This mamlukiyat itself, is a strong and compelling message to mumineen that haqiqatan fakhr is in the gualmi of Moula. As for the humami attained by this gulami – the illustrious life of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) is an example, which none so ever can deny.

I hope I have been able to prove the paradox.
Abde Syedna (TUS)
Asgar Fakhrudin
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