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FAJR SADIQ ( the glorious, breath taking crimson state of the sky just before sunrise) when darkness has finally receded and the firmament is throbbing and pulsating to receive the sunrise. I have been fortunate to see the glorious breaking of the dawn,  high up on the Himalayas from Tiger Hill point when the first rays of sunlight reflects  in all hues on the snow capped peak of Kunchenganga. An out of this world experience, very hard to put in words, as I write this, the scene unfolds in mind's eyes.

In the words of  Mir Anis:  ' amad vo aftab ki, voh subh ka sama
                                           tha jose jas ki vazd mein taoos asman'
(The advent of the sun and the morning scene, the sky like a peacock in ecstasy...)

But here I would like to refer to FAJRUZ ZUHUR to which our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) has been referring since past few years, and in several moving iltezaa to Imamuz - Zaman (S.A.) we mumineen have heard him say that -  'Moula Imam-uz - Zaman, Fajruz Zuhur to thai chuku Moula, ha ve SHAMS -US - ZUHUR  Moula aap kivare tashreef lavso ....' (not the exact words-  the full text of Noorani Kalemat are in the9/10th Iqtebasaat of Surat Ashara 1418H) and  in similar vain Aqa Moula has been reffering to the state of the present Fatemi Dawat, which has by the Taeed of Imam-uz-Zaman and Ilm and untiring efforts and perseverance of Aqa Moula has reached such glorious height, pulsating, throbbing and radiating, awaiting in animated anticipation of receiving the glory of the majestic sunrise.

Even to a layman like me with limited knowledge of Dawat history, this glorious epoch in the annals of Fatemi Dawat,  which we are fortunate to witness is unparalleled, and in the words of a layman or an aa'rabi - villager ( which the ashab-e- kiraams  of Rasullalah (S.A.) loved to hear  when they came in Nabi e Kareem (S.A.)  hazrat and asked questions) I ask : 'can it get any better than this ? - surely this is it.'

But let us travel back in time, and on turning the pages of history, we will find that the Fatemi Dawat has weathered many a storms. Except for the single minded efforts and zeal of Doat-e- kiraams,  Awliyaas and Fozela kiraams, who have truly been the guiding stars in the dark firmament, who by their selfless sacrifices have guided and protected  the community, enthused life giving force and nurtured it, and safeguarded the faith and the believes by facing the challenges and shouldering the burden.

The greatest of Hind's martyrs -  Syedna Qutbuddin Saheed (A.Q.) has been the foremost amongst the galaxy of stalwarts, who sacrificed their all, and it is their blood and toil, that has brightened up the dark sky. Syedi Musanji Taj Saheb was thrown in  burning oil for protecting the hadi of Fatemi Dawat, Moulai Raj saheb donned the garb of fakiri to bring back the wayward back into the fold, Syedi Abdul Kader Hakimuddin Moula, Syedi Aminji-bin Jalal Saheb and a host of others burned the midnight oil to cast radiance and dispel darkness. Mumineens of Ahmedabad in huindreds being crushed to death in grinding mill, and hundreds have suffered inhuman torture and deprivations of imprisonment. The annals of Fatemi Dawat are full of such heart wrenching episodes. It is they who valiantly fought  the forces of darkness, so that we may be able to see the light. What they suffered for and what ever they dreamt has been realized, has frutified in our times.

The advent of year 1915 (Hijri 1333) was a watershed in the annals of Fatemi Dawat. Syedna Taher Moula Saifuddin (A.Q.) at the young age of 28 years assumed the august office of  Dai-ul- Mutlaq, and since that period Fatemi Dawat has been effused with vitality and radiance. However, at the onset, the young Dai had to face an uphill task, as the community was rife with pseudo intellectuals and moneybags with bloated egos,  who straddled the community like pantheons. It was indeed a daunting and herculean task for the young Dai to rein them and their incessant scheming and plotting. Syedna Thaer Saifuddin Moula, slowly but surely overcame all the hurdles, with Taeed of Imam-uz-Zaman (S.A.) , his profound Ilm and Statesmanship.

He took the disgruntled elements head on and successfully fought 28 court cases, one being the longest of court cases, and at the same time, with youthful zeal and vigour, which did not forsake him even in advancing age, he wrote many Rasails, hundreds of Qasidas, in short his literary pursuits and works are stupendous,  the marasiya Ya Sayyedas Shohadaee is apitome of his literary contribution. He fostered and nurtured the community like a benevolent parent, I can go on and on.......

He derived his strength and energies from Taeed of Imam-uz-Zaman (S.A.) and he always addressed his longings and aspirations to Panjatan-e- Pak (S.A.) and Aimat-Tahereen, in whose madeh and eulogies he found spiritual strength and bliss. His often recited Qasida Mubaraka - ' Banul mustafal Mukhtaare Khayrul Khalaeqi '  written in 1374 H -  Risalah Sharifah Ramadhaniyah Nahrun Noor-ish Sha'shani, gives us some idea of his complete reliance and surrender to the wishes of Ahle bait- e Nabi (S.A.)

Each abayat in the Qasida Mubaraka is a gem, whose real value is known to those with knowledge and initiated in Fatemi uloom. I merely refer to a few abayats to give an insight into what I have reffered in the preceding paragraph.

Syedna Taher Moula Saifuddin (A.Q.) addressing Imam-uz-Zaman (S.A.)  pours out his innermost feelings in profound words.

ana abdokum lajin ilaikum wa laezun
bekum, mo'taffin minkum, bekum ayyo vaseqi

I am your servant,  who has come under your shelter and protection,
seeking from you the boons, in you I repose full faith.

In overcoming and  facing the challenges of this world, he says

La'in dhayyaqad dunya alayya fa in-nani
be-taeedekum ya saadati ghairo dhaeqi

If ever I face restrain in the affairs of this world ,
I never feel constrained because of your taeed O my leaders !

(28 court cases and a number of insinuations and false accusations, he stoutly overcame them all, and gave befitting replies, because of the taeed of Imam-uz -Zaman (S.A.)

and who so ever can deny these words of a Dai whose entire life was devoted in the khidmat of Imam-uz- Zaman (S.A.) and who single handily nurtured his illustrious successor the 52nd Dai-ul- Mutlaq whose each passing moment is in the khidmat of Imam-uz-Zaman (S.A.)

fadaytokomu binnafse wal vulde daeman
wa ma leya laomul laemeena be Aa'eqi

With my own self and that of my progeny, for ever I am sacrificing on you all (my illustrious leaders)
the scorns of the taunters  will not stop me

All Hamd is for Allah, we mumineen, in this glorious Burhani era, are fortunate to witness FAJRUZ ZUHUR under the spiritual guidance of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) In this modern age, for all us, faith is a matter of fundamental right, whereas, history bears out, that for merely upholding their faith, our peers and forefathers, suffered deprivations, torture and paid with their precious lives.

Thus it becomes imperative on our part to always remember their sacrifices, their noble and inspiring efforts, and their dreams and in so doing to value and uphold our faith, be proud of our cultural heritage and upbringing, make concerted and conscientious effort to evolving ourselves into better mumin - one who is pleasing in the eyes of Allah, and His Vali - Imam-uz-Zaman (S.A.) and his Dai Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Moula (TUS).  ALHAMDOLILLAH.

Let us pray for our beloved Aqa Moula's long and healthy life  ....

' wa tawwil elahi umr burhane di nekal
  lazi haza min ghurrish sho'ou ne afanina'  AAMEEN.

Abde Syedna (TUS)
Asgar Fakhrudin

Asgar Fakhruddin asgarubi@gmail.com