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Barakato Faizul Mawaid Burhaniyah
Barakato Faizul Mawaid Burhaniyah

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On the occasion of 88th Milad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (tus) and the barakats emanating from his ziarat safar of Yemen, Iraq and Sham, I would like to share my tassavurat with DB Netters.

The valayat of our Dai is the corner stone of our faith. While reading the book 'The Prophet' by Khalil Gibran I came upon the topic of 'love' where Almitra asks him to speak about love. Here I am equating 'love' with Moula, I am personalizing love (true valayat) with Moula. Just relax and read on, may you receive spiritual bliss!!

Then I on behalf of the multitude said - Speak to us of our Moula.

And he raised his head and looked upon the people. And there fell a stillness upon them. And with a great voice he said.

1. When Moula beckons you, follow him, though his ways are hard and steep.

To many apparently it may seem to be a difficult proposition to follow on 'sirate mustaqim' to adhere to it, to hold steadfast in the face of worldly charms and temptations. But for those whose hearts are instilled and glowing with the love of Ahle Bait (S.A.) and their Dai, those who are riding this world of talatum , sitting calmly in 'safina -tun - nazat' for them this sirat becomes a broad avenue, the journey becomes a spiritual pleasure.

Namaz, roza, zakat, to keep ones self away from munkar aamal, to overcome ego, the primordial sin, to be humble and patient in the face of adversities - ways are hard and steep.

2. And when his wings enfold you, yield to him

Come rushing on his nida, do not tarry to weigh the options, just say labbaik ya DaiAllah - here I am.

3. Though the swords hidden amongst his pinions may wound you.

Yes indeed. Once you commit your self to be his true follower, he will scrape off the rust that is corroding your mind and soul. He will command you to adhere to deeni seyar, to forsake worldly pleasures, that to you seem like honey but in truth is poison.

4. And when he speaks to you, believe in him

You should have an unflinching conviction that what he says and does is mukammil haq and you should have kamil yakeen of his exalted position.

4.Though his voice may shatter your dreams, as the north wind lay waste the garden

Yes it may be that his nasihat and farmans may shatter your self nurtured dreams to which you have clung in false hope. Moula says that 'interest' is cancer, you plead helplessness and exclaim how it is possible to progress without institutelized financing. Moula says do shukr and kanaat (contentment) but you are all for upstaging your standard of living on borrowed funds - truly ' though his voice may shatter your dreams'

5. For even as Moula crowns you, shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth, he is for your pruning.

Is there a single personality - a wali in this big wide world, who proclaims to his followers ' do not have any doubts my tabe-eens. I will vouchsafe for you. I will take you with me to Jannate - Nayeem. I will be there to welcome you on your deathbed - for even as he crowns you.

But with this crowning there is one khidmat that Imamuz-zaman (S.A.) has entrusted to his Dai. Like a dedicated gardener, he for ever prunes the weeds, the unwanted growth that impairs our aspiring and efforts to reach high. Our Moula is entrusted with the task of metamorphosing us into angels, and he is there everyday to prune the worldly desires that may arrest our flowering.

6. Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches, that quiver in the sun. So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth

Ascends to your height - by nourishing your 'nafs nateka' with Fatemi Ulum and Hikmat, so that you may ascend greater heights of marefat. Like an alchemist he transforms the baser elements into ruhani, thus making it noorani.

At the same time, he frees you from worldly clinging, he shakes your roots, and frees you from the embedded materialism, the shackles of 'nafs ammara' are broken into bits by his untiring efforts.

7. Like sheaves of corn, he gathers you unto himself.

This is precisely his sole mission. It is for this purpose that this roohani farishta has come among us. Our Moula has repeatedly emphasized that 'Mumeneen ! I am not doing any ehsan, this is my mission, to gather you and take all of you with me to mahle - noorani.

8. He sifts you to force you from your husks. He grinds you to whiteness. He kneads you until you are pliant.

In the thresher of shariat Moula removes the husks of materialism and imparts the whiteness of takva siar. He cleans you of the dirt of ego and haughtiness. With utmost care and love he imparts the Fatemi Ilm, which like water in flour makes you humble and obedient.

9. All these things shall Moula do unto you, that you may know the secrets of your heart, and in that knowledge, become the fragment of life's heart.

By the taeed and nazarate rahima of Imamuz-zaman (SA) our Moula spares no efforts, so that we may return to our manzil-e-maksood. He makes you aware of the fact that, this is not your place, your dwelling is the ruhani alam, from which you had fallen and separated, and it is there that we will be united and live in perpetual bliss ever after.

10. But if in your fear you would seek only Moula's peace and Maula's pleasures. Then it is better that you cover your nakedness and pass out of Moula's threshing floor.

If your sole aim is to attain ruhaniyat and hurriyat, than you have to pass thru the threshing floor, you have to remain sure footted on the sirat, merely proclaiming full throated time and again 'lakho jan si fida thai javu' will not suffice, the sentiment should be reflected in day to day action.

If however, your intentions are superficial, and you ikrar is only to remain in the community for social needs, then it is better for you not to tread on the threshing floor, and you know what will result…………

11. In the seasonless world where you will laugh, but not all your laughter, and weep but not all your tears.

Your life, laughter and tears will be superficial, it will lack the depth and moving emotions, you will fail to experience the totality of life, its reality and its essence.

Asgar Mulla Fakhruddin.Calcutta.

Asgar Fakhruddin asgarubi@gmail.com